Vegetable-Fruit Extract

The extraction of fruits and vegetables has become a widely recognized trend in the fields of health and nutrition. With the increasing demand for accessing natural nutritional components and growing awareness of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable extraction has become the top choice for consumers.
The fruit and vegetable extracts produced at PEROMA are commonly used across the food industry due to their numerous nutritional benefits and versatile applications:
Food: Fruit and vegetable extracts can be used to provide natural flavors, colors, and aromas to dishes. For example, tomato extract can be used to create a natural red color in food.
Beverages: They are often added to beverages to introduce natural flavors and aromas. For instance, orange extract can be used to add an orange flavor to fruit juices.
Flavor and aroma enhancement: Certain fruits and vegetables like onions, garlic, tomatoes, and peppers contain compounds that enhance the taste and aroma of food.
Nutrient supplementation: Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Extracts from these sources can be used to supplement these nutrients in food products, making them more nutritious.
Functional foods: Some fruits and vegetables contain bioactive compounds beneficial for health, such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-cancer agents. Extracts from these sources can be used to create functional food products.
Natural sweetening: Certain fruits and vegetables like carrots and beets contain natural sugars, and their extracts can be used to sweeten food without the need for synthetic sugars.
Preservation and seasoning: Fruit and vegetable extracts can be used for food preservation and seasoning. For example, garlic and onions have antibacterial properties and can be used for food preservation and flavoring.
With a commitment to quality and credibility, PEROMA takes pride in providing high-quality fruit and vegetable extracts that meet strict standards. These extracts are meticulously selected and produced using advanced technology to ensure that the color and nutrient content of the raw materials are preserved at their best levels.

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