Cake & Candy Flavors

PEROMA's confectionery aromas are meticulously formulated with individual recipes that possess excellent heat resistance, fragrance durability, and suitability for the specific technical requirements of each particular product. These aromas play a significant role in creating delectable and enticing baked goods and confections. From exquisite fresh fruit notes to a diverse range of spices, and even specially designed fragrances, all contribute to crafting distinctive and appealing confectionery products.
Several commonly used and widespread aroma lines for confectionery products include:
Vanilla Flavors: Offering the characteristic sweet and aromatic vanilla flavor, enhancing the allure of baked goods.
Butter and Egg/Custard Flavors: Imparting the sweet aroma and flavor of eggs and milk, elevating the delectable and attractive qualities of pastries and desserts.
Milk and Dairy Products Flavors: With its fresh and soft fragrance, milk aroma is a vital component in creating diverse dairy-based products such as fresh milk, condensed milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese.
Fruit Flavors: Providing natural, refreshing flavors from a variety of fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, strawberries, grapes, peaches, and more, bringing freshness and appeal to confectionery products.
Vegetable Flavors: It represents a sophisticated blend of the natural aromas of fresh and delicious vegetables, combined with artistic baking creativity. Ranging from delicate herbal scents to the fragrance of green vegetables, these aromas bring diversity and freshness to confectionery products. Common vegetable aromas include celery, pennywort, carrots, and winter melon.
Spice Flavors: The refined combination of spices like ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, and star anise offers richness, uniqueness, and allure to confectionery products, satisfying the taste buds of every diner.
Cocoa and Chocolate Flavors: Highly favored in the world of confectionery aromas, cocoa aroma brings the distinctive scent of premium cocoa beans, contributing a captivating layer of richness. Chocolate, ranging from intense dark chocolate to sweet white chocolate, adds enticing and unique flavors to confections.
Honey and Sugar Flavors: Honey aroma brings the sweet and warm scent of nature, creating an exquisite and appealing fragrance layer. Sugar, including pure white sugar, brown sugar, and rich caramel, introduces sweetness and distinctiveness. The perfect fusion of honey and sugar aromas creates delightful, alluring baked goods with traditional flavors and the comforting warmth of home.
PEROMA takes pride in offering high-quality confectionery aromas with a wide range of options and dedicated service. PEROMA is committed to delivering the finest aroma products to assist our customers in crafting sweet, innovative, and alluring confectionery creations.

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