Cosmetic Fragrances

Fragrance creates allure and leaves a distinctive impression. Scent is one of the essential components that make up the soul of a product. Therefore, each cosmetic product is crafted with a unique fragrance to assert its distinctiveness and create its own appeal to customers.

Fine Fragrances

PEROMA - A leading company in Vietnam with an R&D team specializing in fragrance formulation based on analysis, research, and combination of individual notes to create high-quality fragrances that meet customer needs. We take pride in staying updated with the latest global trends and designing a distinct and unique fragrance world. Furthermore, PEROMA is confident in providing technical fragrance support, including custom fragrance simulation, catering to scent, technical, and cost requirements from customers.
Fragrance has become an integral part of our daily lives, leaving first impressions on others and fostering self-confidence and personal identity. From alluring and sensual scents to refreshing and invigorating ones, fragrances have the power to stimulate our senses, bringing comfort and confidence. So now, let's embark on a journey to explore the fascinating world of fragrances and discover the intriguing facets they offer!
PEROMA offers customers a diverse and unique collection of fragrance single notes, owning a rich scent world researched and designed from various categories, including citrus, floral, animalic notes, and many more. These single notes serve as versatile building blocks for creating customized fragrances tailored to customer requirements. With PEROMA, you'll find diversity, quality, and professionalism in each product.
PEROMA develops its exclusive set of single notes and conducts research to combine different scent notes. Scientifically constructing a fragrance empowers PEROMA to confidently design exclusive scents tailored to meet customer standards, technical specifications, costs, and product applications.
PEROMA stands as a premier fragrance company with a diverse fragrance collection, ranging from exclusive products to perfectly simulated scents of renowned global perfume brands. Moreover, our research and development team is equipped to design fragrance products tailored to customer requests. We commit to offering customers optimal choices regarding sensation, cost, technical requirements, and characteristics specific to each product base.
Fragrance combination in perfumery involves blending various fragrance materials to create a harmonious scent. These materials are divided into three main categories: top notes, middle notes, and base notes, and they're combined to craft a harmonized fragrance.
Top notes are the initial scents perceived when you apply perfume on your skin. They create the first impression of the fragrance and are often composed of delicate notes such as citrus, lemon, rose, lavender, and various fruits.
Middle notes follow the top notes and become apparent once the top notes fade. Middle notes are often crafted from neutral materials like florals, woods, and herbs.
Base notes are the final stage of the fragrance and are sensed after the middle notes dissipate. They tend to be heavier, long-lasting scents, including materials like amber, vanilla, musk, and woody notes.
Combining fragrance single notes is not only a precise science but also an art and a testament to the creator's ingenuity. Each perfume manufacturer has their own way of blending and combining fragrance materials to create a unique and distinctive scent. At PEROMA, with our professional R&D fragrance team, we confidently offer and advise on trending market scents, develop custom scents to specification, and infuse each product with its unique signature.

Personal Care Fragrances

Fragrance serves as the foundation for the success of a range of body care products and is a crucial element in health and beauty care items such as shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, perfumes, and more. It contributes to providing a fragrant experience and delightful sensation during daily personal care routines.

PEROMA Vietnam confidently accompanies you to create numerous perfect, diverse, and unique fragrances. We cater to every need, preference, and various purposes of use.

Textile Care Fragrances

PEROMA has created a unique collection of fragrances for advanced textitle care products, featuring effective scent retention and odor elimination to keep clothes and bed linens consistently fresh and clean. We consistently incorporate the latest technologies to craft sophisticated aromas that excel in preserving and neutralizing odors, while also effectively eliminating bacteria. Our products not only meet aesthetic demands but also ensure safety for your health.

Home Care Frangrances

The selection of fragrances for use in specialized home care products is of paramount importance to consumers and can significantly impact a brand's success. Recognizing this, PEROMA specializes in developing products that bring pleasant aromas to your home, enhancing the experience of household cleaning and making it more relaxing and enjoyable. PEROMA has crafted classic scents such as Lemon, Cinnamon, Pine, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, and others for family care products, constituting the core fragrance group of the company. The Peroma research and development team consistently strives to meet customer demands through:
Diversifying fragrance categories for various Home Care products, including floral, fruity, herbal, and trend-aligned scents.
Ensuring compatibility with different Home Care product bases such as water-based, wax-based, high-alkaline cleaning formulations, and more.

Innovating with fresh designs, scent simulations, and fragrance enhancements that address sensory criteria, technical requirements, and cost considerations.

Petcare Fragrances

Fragrance plays a vital role in creating the best experience for pet care. In the ever-evolving Petcare industry, the demand for safe, effective, and pleasantly scented products is on the rise. Grooming, skincare, cleaning, cooling, and more are popular Petcare products. To cater to these diverse needs, we provide a range of unique and varied fragrance lines.
One notable current trend in the Petcare industry is PEROMA's exclusive PeroPurity odor-neutralizing technology. This technology has been specially developed to eliminate unpleasant odors from pets' bodies and living environments. PeroPurity not only creates a clean environment but also enhances the comfort of pets.
At PEROMA Vietnam, we understand the significance of fragrance in pet care. We offer representative fragrance lines, utilizing the PeroPurity technology to bring freshness and comfort to pets. Experience the difference that PEROMA's fragrance-enhanced Petcare products can make.
PEROMA is confident in partnering with you to produce high-quality, unique pet care products. With high-quality product lines and advanced technology, we commit to delivering the best solutions for Petcare. Contact us now to explore more about our fragrance product lines and to receive advice from our experienced team of PEROMA experts.

Industrial Fragrances

Welcome to the world of PEROMA, the premier provider of fragrance solutions for industries. We take pride in offering you unique and high-quality fragrances that cater to leading industries such as coatings, lubricants, rubber, plastics, and many others.
With experience and expertise in the fragrance field, PEROMA is committed to delivering high-quality products with a diverse range of fragrances tailored to the specific requirements of each industry. We understand that fragrance plays a crucial role in creating notable and appealing end products that attract customers.
One of PEROMA's strengths lies in its ability to provide fragrances that withstand high temperatures and harsh pH conditions. Through refinement and advanced techniques, we've developed special formulas to meet the stringent demands of these industries. PEROMA ensures that fragrances won't alter or lose stability when exposed to high temperatures or harsh pH environments.
Moreover, PEROMA offers powder fragrances used in industrial cleaning agents. Our powder fragrances not only provide pleasant scents but also exhibit excellent compatibility with other components in cleaning agents, resulting in exceptional blending and effectiveness.
With dedication and innovation, PEROMA continuously strives to meet diverse customer requirements and those of various industries. We don't just provide high-quality products; we ensure reliability and safety as well. Complying with strict quality standards and employing advanced quality testing processes, PEROMA ensures that every batch of products meets the highest standards.
Furthermore, PEROMA places significant emphasis on researching and developing new fragrance ingredients, aiming to bring new innovations and trends to the industry. Our team of experts closely monitors market trends and works passionately to create unique and exceptional fragrances.
We're not just a fragrance supplier; we're a reliable partner and support for businesses in the industrial sector. We commit to accompany you in the process of creating quality products and delivering an outstanding experience to your customers.
Let PEROMA assist you in providing suitable and distinctive fragrances for your customers' products. Contact us now to explore more about our fragrance services for industries. PEROMA will journey alongside customers to create success and leave a unique mark for your products in the market.

Cosmetic Extract

Welcome to the world of PEROMA, where the harmony between natural beauty and the refinement of cosmetic extracts come together. We take pride in offering you innovative natural extracts that deliver outstanding effectiveness while ensuring safety for cosmetic products.
Discover the Power of Cosmetic Extracts
Cosmetic extracts are becoming a favored trend, playing a pivotal role in beauty products. From herbal essences to precious components, we explore and maximize the potential of various extracts to provide customers with high-quality and unique products.
Green and Gentle Cosmetics – The Choice of the Future
In the modern era, green and gentle cosmetics have become an undeniable trend. PEROMA is committed to using natural ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals and gentle on the skin. By utilizing extracts from nature, we provide customers with peace of mind and confidence in caring for and protecting their skin and hair naturally and effectively.
Novel Extracts – Astonishing Effectiveness
Within PEROMA's research and development team, we continually seek out novel and unique extracts to provide unprecedented benefits. From uncovering valuable herbal treasures to exploring advanced extraction technologies, we constantly innovate to bring you remarkable and distinctive cosmetic extract products.
The Perfect Fusion
PEROMA believes true beauty is achieved when the finesse of cosmetic extracts harmoniously combines with the natural essence of skin and hair. This is why we maximize natural resources and technological advancements to create products that yield exceptional results.
From production processes to formulation, we ensure each product is meticulously developed, deriving the best from nature's bounty.
Experience the magic of cosmetic extracts and their incredible applications in cosmetic products. Join PEROMA on a journey to create quality and appealing cosmetic products in the market, contributing to the care and beauty of skin and hair, so you can always feel confident and fully enjoy life.

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Cleansing Products Fragrances

PEROMA has conducted research and developed a range of fragrances for cleaning products such as floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, dishwashing liquids, etc., enhancing the cleaning process to become more enjoyable and comfortable. Current trends in the cleaning industry are emphasizing...

Aircare Fragrances

PEROMA introduces a unique and high-quality range of Aircare Fragrances, specially designed for air purification and creating a refreshing living environment. With scented candles, room sprays, diffusers, and various other options, PEROMA brings you a fragrant, clean, and effective odor-neutralizing...

Laundry Products Fragrances

PEROMA - A premium fragrance and cosmetics ingredients provider for the high-quality laundry industry. Our products create a pleasant aromatic experience for clothing and bedding while effectively eliminating odors, killing bacteria, and cleansing. With a diverse range of products and...

Fragrance Micro-Encapsulation And Odor Neutralization Technology

Perfume Retention Technology (PEROCAPS): PEROMA has widely incorporated Perfume Retention Technology and Perfume Retention Beads (PEROCAPS) into fabric care products. The Perfume Retention Technology is designed to enhance the fragrance longevity of fabric care products. With conventional fragrances, the top...

Make-Up Fragrances

PEROMA takes pride in introducing high-quality fragrance ingredients for makeup products. With a diverse and gentle range of natural fragrances, these ingredients are used to manufacture various beauty makeup products such as cushions, foundations, primers, moisturizers, powders, eyeshadows, lip balms,...

Baby Care Fragrances

In today's fiercely competitive cosmetics market, fragrance is a crucial factor in attracting attention to cosmetic products, including those intended for baby care. However, due to the sensitive skin of infants, in-depth research into cosmetic fragrance used in these products...

Oral Care Fragrances

PEROMA introduces a diverse, safe, and reliable fragrance collection for oral care products. With over twenty years of experience in the fragrance industry, PEROMA has achieved professionalism and extensive research in the oral care market. We understand that maintaining oral...

Other Products Fragrances

In addition to the aforementioned products, Peroma also provides fragrances for odor-neutralizing products (odor sprays, deodorant sticks, odor-neutralizing wax, etc.), wet wipes, dry wipes, and more. Peroma fragrances are compatible with various product bases (gel, lotion, water, oil, etc.). Moreover,...

Haircare Fragrances

Fragrance plays an indispensable role in hair care products and is considered a crucial focal point to attract customers to cosmetics. PEROMA understands the significance of fragrance ingredients in cosmetics and offers a dedicated collection of fragrances for hair care...

Skincare Fragrances

SKIN CARE FRAGRANCES PEROMA Vietnam offers high-quality cosmetic fragrance ingredients for skincare products. Here, we are committed to providing fragrance ingredients produced using the most advanced technologies to ensure excellent functionality for products. We have researched fragrance ingredients suitable for...

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