Herbal extract

Herbal extraction has become an increasingly popular trend in the food processing industry. With the growing demand for safe, natural, and health-beneficial products, herbal extraction fulfills all these factors.

Herbal extracts produced at PEROMA are extensively used in the food industry to provide flavors, colors, aromas, and nutritional value to food products.

Natural colors: Herbal extracts can be employed to provide herbal aromas and natural colors to food. For example, carrot extract can be used to create an orange hue in products without the need for artificial coloring.

Functional foods: Herbal extracts can be utilized to create functional food products, such as immune-boosting herbal blends, natural vitamin, and mineral supplements.

Beverages: Herbal extracts are commonly used to craft beverages with distinctive aromas. Examples include herbal teas, natural fruit juices, and infused waters made using herbal extracts.

Fast food and condiments: Herbal extracts are also used for flavoring and aroma enhancement in fast food items like sauces, dips, and seasonings.

Bakery and confectionery: In the bakery and confectionery industry, herbal extracts can be employed to infuse natural aromas and colors into ice creams, cakes, and other sweet products.

Note that using herbal extracts in food production requires adherence to food safety regulations and ensuring products meet quality and health standards.

With the boundless potential of natural herbs and modern extraction technology, the herbal extract industry continues to evolve, providing outstanding health benefits. Committed to standardized quality, PEROMA takes pride in offering herbal food extracts, meeting the diverse needs and trends of modern consumers.

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