General Information

The Research & Development (R&D) department stands as a cornerstone within the organizational framework of PEROMA Vietnam, holding paramount importance in the creation of innovative and superior-quality consumer cosmetic products. This department, dedicated to Cosmetics R&D Department, assumes a crucial role in both the inception of novel products and the enhancement of existing ones.

With a seasoned and highly skilled R&D team in Cosmetics R&D Department, PEROMA Vietnam prides itself on a wealth of expertise. Many team members bring extensive experience gained from working and researching abroad, ensuring the delivery of products of the highest quality to discerning customers. Additionally, the Cosmetics R&D Department actively engages in workshops and exhibitions, both domestically and internationally, to stay abreast of the latest trends in the cosmetics industry.

Moreover, the Cosmetics R&D Department is outfitted with a state-of-the-art system of machinery and tools, enabling swift responsiveness to customer demands at the highest standards. Covering diverse areas such as Haircare, Bodycare, Skincare, and Lipcare, each consumer cosmetic product undergoes a meticulous research process. This process includes sample creation, stability monitoring, product efficacy testing, and sensitivity assessments. These rigorous efforts collectively contribute to offering customers meticulously crafted cosmetic product formulas of premium quality at optimal prices.

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