Sweet Flavors

Sweet flavoring is an essential component in cuisine, widely used to enhance the aroma and sweetness of food and beverage products. The sweet flavorings at PEROMA are diverse, including Beverage Flavors, Confectionery Flavors, Tea and Coffee Flavors, Butter, Cream, and Dessert Flavors.

Beverage Flavors

  • Flavorings play a crucial role in creating unique and enticing tastes for beverages. The demand for flavorings in the beverage industry is incredibly diverse and steadily increasing. Flavorings also play a significant role in driving innovation and creativity within the beverage industry. With technological advancements and a deeper understanding of taste and sensory experiences, beverage manufacturers can use flavorings to craft distinctive and varied experiences for consumers. From traditional flavors to new creations, flavorings provide satisfaction to users, differentiating and attracting attention in today's competitive market.
  • Fruit Flavors: Fruit-based flavorings are highly popular in beverages, including orange, lemon, grapefruit, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, passion fruit, apple, grape, lime, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew.
  • Vegetable Flavors: Vegetable-based flavorings encompass carrot, pumpkin, bitter gourd, celery, and more, used to create natural and nutritious taste profiles for beverages.
  • Herb Flavors: Various herbs such as chrysanthemum, rose, hibiscus, and pandan leaves are often employed to infuse unique and refreshing tastes into beverages.
  • Tea and Coffee Flavors: Tea flavorings range from green tea, black tea, oolong tea, to matcha, while coffee flavorings encompass ground coffee, coffee with milk, black coffee, cappuccino, latte, and different coffee bean types like robusta, arabica, and mocha. These flavorings are used in tea leaves, ground coffee, instant tea and coffee, beverages, pastries, and more.
  • Dairy Flavors: Milk, condensed milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese flavorings are used to add creamy and rich notes to beverages and dairy-based products.
  • Honey and Sugar Flavors: Honey, refined sugar, brown sugar, and caramel flavorings provide sweetness and depth to beverages.
  • Beverage-Specific Flavors: Flavorings specifically designed for beverages like soda, chocolate, caramel, and salted lemon are crafted to deliver the most complete and distinct aroma profiles for different drink lines.
  • When you come to PEROMA, you're entering a world of novel tastes with a diverse collection of beverage flavorings. From familiar aromas present in the market to unique flavor sets, we confidently meet customer needs and align with market trends.
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Cake & Candy Flavors

PEROMA's confectionery aromas are meticulously formulated with individual recipes that possess excellent heat resistance, fragrance durability, and suitability for the specific technical requirements of each particular product. These aromas play a significant role in creating delectable and enticing baked goods and confections. From exquisite fresh fruit notes to a diverse range of spices, and even specially designed fragrances, all contribute to crafting distinctive and appealing confectionery products.
Several commonly used and widespread aroma lines for confectionery products include:
Vanilla Flavors: Offering the characteristic sweet and aromatic vanilla flavor, enhancing the allure of baked goods.
Butter and Egg/Custard Flavors: Imparting the sweet aroma and flavor of eggs and milk, elevating the delectable and attractive qualities of pastries and desserts.
Milk and Dairy Products Flavors: With its fresh and soft fragrance, milk aroma is a vital component in creating diverse dairy-based products such as fresh milk, condensed milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese.
Fruit Flavors: Providing natural, refreshing flavors from a variety of fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, strawberries, grapes, peaches, and more, bringing freshness and appeal to confectionery products.
Vegetable Flavors: It represents a sophisticated blend of the natural aromas of fresh and delicious vegetables, combined with artistic baking creativity. Ranging from delicate herbal scents to the fragrance of green vegetables, these aromas bring diversity and freshness to confectionery products. Common vegetable aromas include celery, pennywort, carrots, and winter melon.
Spice Flavors: The refined combination of spices like ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, and star anise offers richness, uniqueness, and allure to confectionery products, satisfying the taste buds of every diner.
Cocoa and Chocolate Flavors: Highly favored in the world of confectionery aromas, cocoa aroma brings the distinctive scent of premium cocoa beans, contributing a captivating layer of richness. Chocolate, ranging from intense dark chocolate to sweet white chocolate, adds enticing and unique flavors to confections.
Honey and Sugar Flavors: Honey aroma brings the sweet and warm scent of nature, creating an exquisite and appealing fragrance layer. Sugar, including pure white sugar, brown sugar, and rich caramel, introduces sweetness and distinctiveness. The perfect fusion of honey and sugar aromas creates delightful, alluring baked goods with traditional flavors and the comforting warmth of home.
PEROMA takes pride in offering high-quality confectionery aromas with a wide range of options and dedicated service. PEROMA is committed to delivering the finest aroma products to assist our customers in crafting sweet, innovative, and alluring confectionery creations.
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Tea & Coffee Flavors

Tea and coffee are two popular beverages loved by many people worldwide, as they offer not only a simple drink but also exquisite sensory experiences. To create the distinctive and appealing flavors for tea and coffee, fragrances play a significant role.

Tea flavors: It combines fragrances, sweetness, bitterness, and acidity from tea leaves. From traditional tea flavors to creative blends, they provide a delicate harmony, refreshing sensation, and relaxation, contributing to diverse and unique tasting periences for consumers.

At PEROMA, tea flavors are diverse and widely applied to various tea products such as loose-leaf tea, tea bags, instant tea, herbal tea, and fruit tea. Some popular tea flavors at PEROMA include:

  • Green tea flavors
  • Black tea flavors
  • Oolong tea flavors
  • Matcha tea flavors
  • Herbal tea flavors: Cinnamon, pandan leaves, ginger, etc.
  • Fruit tea flavors: Combined with fruits like persimmon, orange, etc.
    Coffee flavors: It's a refined blend of the characteristic flavor of roasted coffee beans and a unique bittersweet taste. It offers a rich, deep, and captivating experience for enthusiasts. Coffee flavor has become a symbol of relaxation and enjoyment, often present in various coffee-related drinks and dishes.
    PEROMA offers a diverse range of coffee flavors suitable for creative applications in coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee, coffee beverages, and more. Some coffee flavors produced by PEROMA are:
    Ground Crafted to match the flavors of different coffee types like Robusta, Arabica, Mocha...
  • Vietnamese Drip Coffee flavors: Black coffee, white coffee (coffee with milk),...
  • Espresso Machine Coffee flavors: Cappuccino, latte, macchiato, caramel...
  • Let PEROMA assist you in creating unique and enticing tea and coffee products with high-quality food flavors. We are committed to delivering absolute customer satisfaction with flexible pricing according to your requirements.
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Butter, Milk, Cream, Desert Flavors

PEROMA produces and supplies food flavors tailored for products involving butter, milk, cream, and desserts, enhancing their diversity and appeal by adding delightful flavors.

PEROMA suggests to its customers some prominent flavors lines within the butter, milk, cream, and dessert category:

Milk flavors: Encompassing various milk-based scents such as fresh milk, condensed milk, powdered milk, yogurt, and more, widely used in cakes, puddings, cheesecakes, flans, and desserts.

Butter flavors: This popular flavors is utilized across a range of butter-containing products, from buttercream cakes and buttery bread to various buttery biscuits. The butter flavors offers the distinct and rich fragrance of butter, enhancing the deliciousness of dishes and beverages.

Cheese flavors: Delivering the characteristic flavors of cheese, it introduces diversity and allure to various culinary creations. Cheese flavors is often applied in baking, confectionery, ice cream, snacks, beverages, and other culinary delights. The cheese flavors not only enhances flavor but also adds an interesting and appealing dimension to products.

Fruit flavors: Encompassing an array of fruit flavors such as pineapple, strawberry, orange, lemon, apple, guava, mango, and more, commonly used in cakes, pastries, and fruit-based desserts, providing a fresh, natural, and enticing flavor profile.

Herbal flavors: A harmonious blend of natural herbs such as basil, mint, peppermint, oregano, and thyme, often applied in butter, milk, cream, and dessert products. With its fresh and unique taste, herbal flavors offer a distinctive and enjoyable culinary experience, adding value to high-quality dairy and dessert products.

PEROMA consistently prioritizes the use of premium ingredients that meet quality standards to manufacture flavors for butter, milk, cream, and desserts, aiming to provide a diverse range of flavor profiles for products and an exceptional taste experience for consumers.

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