Food Flavors

Flavorings create a significant change in the taste of a type of food or dish, compensating for the flavors lost during the cooking process and enhancing the appeal of the product. Nowadays, flavorings are one of the crucial and indispensable additives in the food industry.

Sweet Flavors

Sweet flavoring is an essential component in cuisine, widely used to enhance the aroma and sweetness of food and beverage products. The sweet flavorings at PEROMA are diverse, including Beverage Flavors, Confectionery Flavors, Tea and Coffee Flavors, Butter, Cream, and Dessert Flavors.

Savory Flavors

Savory flavoring is an indispensable aspect of the rich culinary culture of the Vietnamese people. Savory flavors replicate the tastes of various meats, eggs, seafood, or herbs and spices. Some savory flavors also imitate the tastes of pre-cooked savory dishes, such as fried, grilled, braised, and roasted dishes.


PEROMA offers a diverse collection of seasoning blends through the delicate fusion of traditional spices and modern processing technology, ensuring exceptional gustatory experiences for users. Shake Seasonings: PEROMA's shake seasonings are a perfect blend of refined components, providing a distinct flavor to your dishes. Convenient and easy to use, simply...

Feed Flavors

PEROMA is a leading supplier of flavorings for the livestock and veterinary food industry. We offer a diverse range of high-quality products that fully cater to customer needs. With product lines including milk flavor, orange flavor, strawberry flavor, chocolate flavor, vanilla flavor, fish flavor, seafood flavor, and various other flavor...

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Herbal Spice Flavors

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Flavors of Tea, Coffee

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