Tea & Coffee Flavors

Tea and coffee are two popular beverages loved by many people worldwide, as they offer not only a simple drink but also exquisite sensory experiences. To create the distinctive and appealing flavors for tea and coffee, fragrances play a significant role.

Tea flavors: It combines fragrances, sweetness, bitterness, and acidity from tea leaves. From traditional tea flavors to creative blends, they provide a delicate harmony, refreshing sensation, and relaxation, contributing to diverse and unique tasting periences for consumers.

At PEROMA, tea flavors are diverse and widely applied to various tea products such as loose-leaf tea, tea bags, instant tea, herbal tea, and fruit tea. Some popular tea flavors at PEROMA include:

  • Green tea flavors
  • Black tea flavors
  • Oolong tea flavors
  • Matcha tea flavors
  • Herbal tea flavors: Cinnamon, pandan leaves, ginger, etc.
  • Fruit tea flavors: Combined with fruits like persimmon, orange, etc.
    Coffee flavors: It's a refined blend of the characteristic flavor of roasted coffee beans and a unique bittersweet taste. It offers a rich, deep, and captivating experience for enthusiasts. Coffee flavor has become a symbol of relaxation and enjoyment, often present in various coffee-related drinks and dishes.
    PEROMA offers a diverse range of coffee flavors suitable for creative applications in coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee, coffee beverages, and more. Some coffee flavors produced by PEROMA are:
    Ground Crafted to match the flavors of different coffee types like Robusta, Arabica, Mocha...

  • Vietnamese Drip Coffee flavors: Black coffee, white coffee (coffee with milk),...
  • Espresso Machine Coffee flavors: Cappuccino, latte, macchiato, caramel...

  • Let PEROMA assist you in creating unique and enticing tea and coffee products with high-quality food flavors. We are committed to delivering absolute customer satisfaction with flexible pricing according to your requirements.

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