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The R&D team of PEROMA Vietnam, a subsidiary of PEROMA Limited Liability Company, consists of highly skilled experts with extensive experience in the field of food research and development. With their expertise and dedication, this team constantly seeks ways to improve and enhance the quality of food products to meet the stringent demands of the market.
Particularly noteworthy, the R&D team at PEROMA continuously conducts research and develops unique and diverse natural flavors, contributing to the distinctive positioning of the company's products in the market. Additionally, they stay updated on emerging trends in the food industry to offer products that align with customer preferences.
Currently, PEROMA Vietnam adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and the FSSC 22000 version 5.1, showcasing their commitment to maintaining high standards. Moreover, the company has obtained religious certifications such as HALAL for Muslim consumers and Kosher for Jewish consumers.

The Food R&D of PEROMA Vietnam.
The Food R&D of PEROMA Vietnam.

PEROMA is a diversified company with a wide range of products and industries. It specializes in the manufacturing and supply of Flavorings, Natural Ingredients, and Additives. Among these, the flavorings category holds significant importance and comprises several groups: Cosmetic fragrances, Food flavorings, Animal feed flavorings, and Seasonings. These products are available in liquid, emulsion, and powder forms.
Furthermore, the natural ingredients category encompasses various product groups, including Essences, Extracts, and Essential Oils. These are divided into different lines, such as fresh essences, fermented essences, permeates, or concentrated syrups within the essence group. The fruit, vegetable, nut milk, and cereal lines fall under the powdered extract group. Plant extracts include both food and cosmetic extracts. The essential oil line consists of pure essential oils and functional products like massage oils, balms, and oral care solutions.
In addition to creating exclusive and distinctive products, PEROMA Vietnam also offers product design and technology transfer services tailored to customer requirements. With its current capabilities and conditions, PEROMA aims to become a significant partner for domestic and international pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic companies. Particularly in the natural product sector, PEROMA focuses on fully utilizing the existing agricultural resources in the country, diversifying its product range, and using advanced technology. The company is oriented toward developing Vietnam's natural products for the global market.
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