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PEROMA Vietnam Co., Ltd. takes pride in possessing a talented and experienced R&D team in cosmetics. We continuously strive to create high-quality, safe products that meet the diverse and stringent needs of consumers.

With dedication and creativity, the R&D team at PEROMA Vietnam constantly conducts research and develops new formulas. We utilize natural and exclusive ingredients to optimize product effectiveness while minimizing environmental impact.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of Perfumery Chemistry and substantial investments in infrastructure, equipment, and a highly skilled and experienced technical team, the R&D department of PEROMA Vietnam is capable of conducting independent research, design, and production of various lines of cosmetic fragrances. These fragrances are diverse in scent and offer a wide range of technical functionalities, catering to different consumer preferences and compatible with various types of cosmetic bases. Notable examples include fragrance lines for laundry care, odor neutralization, personal care, industrial fragrances, as well as perfume fragrances. We also offer luxurious single-note fragrances tailored for perfumers and fragrance creators.

Alongside continuous research and innovation, the R&D team of PEROMA's Cosmetics Division has also introduced several lines of modern technical fragrances. These include:

  • PeroCaps product line: Utilizing encapsulation technology, PeroCaps can protect and prolong the longevity of fragrances.
  • PeroPurity product line: Integrating non-traditional odor-neutralizing features, PeroPurity neutralizes and decomposes malodor molecules instead of merely masking them with fragrances.
  • Functional products for perfumes: These include enhancers for diffusion, fixatives, and stabilizers for fragrance longevity.

These innovative fragrance lines showcase the commitment of PEROMA's R&D team to delivering advanced and cutting-edge solutions in the field of cosmetic fragrances.

Currently, PEROMA is constructing a single-note fragrance warehouse with the goal of having at least 3,000 fragrance compounds within the next two years. This will facilitate in-depth research and the development of exclusive fragrance products, positioning PEROMA as a pioneering fragrance manufacturer in Vietnam.

With the principle of continuous updates and advancements, aiming to create "Fragrances that can defy the wind," representing quality and satisfaction, we are committed to providing customers with exceptional products for the cosmetics industry. These products are distinguished by their high quality, safety, and contribute to enhancing the confidence and natural beauty of individuals. We ensure absolute satisfaction when engaging with PEROMA Vietnam. Additionally, apart from creating exclusive products, PEROMA also offers product design and technology transfer services tailored to the specific requirements of customers.


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