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For many people, green tea is a familiar and highly beneficial food. However, there is another type of tea that is less commonly used due to its limited popularity in the market. But in recent years, this type of tea has gradually emerged in the market, starting with bubble tea shops and then expanding into other aspects. That tea is Black Tea. Today, PEROMA will list a few surprising benefits of black tea that you may not know!


Like green tea and other types of tea, black tea is also processed from the Camellia Sinensis plant. The main difference between different tea varieties lies in the level of oxidation, which affects the color and flavor. Specifically, black tea has the highest level of oxidation, while green tea does not undergo the oxidation process.

Black tea extract powder is a type of product derived from black tea leaves through the extraction process
Black tea extract powder is a type of product derived from black tea leaves through the extraction process

Black tea extract powder is a type of product derived from black tea leaves through the extraction process. Black tea is a type of tea that undergoes full fermentation and oxidation, resulting in a dark color and rich flavor. When black tea leaves are processed into powder, it creates black tea extract powder, retaining most of the quality components and effects of black tea.

The Benefits of Black Tea Extract Powder

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In terms of nutritional value, black tea extract powder is rich in tannins, potassium, and fluoride. This extract powder is useful for anti-aging purposes and provides plant-based nutritional supplementation. Due to these special properties, pharmaceutical companies and anti-aging creams utilize the extracts found in black tea, particularly in anti-aging creams that help prevent wrinkles in women.

Assisting in the treatment of diabetes

According to research by experts from the Tian Tan Research Center (China), the polysaccharide compounds found in black tea (as well as green tea and oolong tea) have highly effective properties in treating diabetes. Polysaccharides are a type of carbohydrate that is abundant in powdered substances and has the ability to slow down the body's glucose absorption process. Particularly in black tea, polysaccharides have the best glucose-inhibiting function.

Good for cardiovascular health

Black tea extract powder is also one of the effective "remedies" for cardiovascular health. According to a study by Japanese scientists, after sipping a cup of black tea, blood circulation in the coronary arteries significantly increases. Additionally, thanks to the presence of antioxidant flavonoids in black tea, it has an immediate impact on the circulatory system by controlling cholesterol levels (reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol), preventing blood clot formation, and enhancing blood vessel function.

Reduces stress

When you're feeling stressed, have a cup of black tea as it truly acts as a brave warrior and an ideal massage therapist, helping you regain relaxation and comfort. Researchers at the Tea Lovers Society in London have found that regular black tea drinkers experience quicker stress reduction compared to those who drink tea bags. Moreover, tea enthusiasts can effectively lower cortisol hormone levels (the culprit behind stress) during stressful episodes.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, black tea also contains many health-promoting substances, such as fluoride, which fights tooth decay and strengthens tooth enamel, and tannins (a chemical compound that aids in protein formation), providing soothing and anti-inflammatory effects on the digestive tract.


With such excellent and popular raw materials, PEROMA's research and production team has introduced the black tea extract powder to meet the customers' preferences while aiming to provide safe and high-quality products. The modern production process ensures the preservation of beneficial compounds in black tea.

PEROMA Vietnam specializes in supplying and distributing the BLACK TEA EXTRACT POWDER with clear origins, meeting the standards of Pharmaceuticals, Food, and Cosmetics. It is accompanied by necessary documents such as SPEC, COA, MSDS, and actual test reports:

English Name: Black tea extract powder

Origin: Vietnam

Appearance: Fine powder

Color: Light brown to dark brown

Aroma and taste: Characteristic of black tea

PEROMA Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in manufacturing Fragrances, Essential Oils, Extract Powders, Liquid Extracts, and Natural Extracts using modern processing technology. They apply quality management systems such as ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000, HALAL JAKIM, and KOSHER to meet the requirements of the Pharmaceutical, Food, Animal Feed, and Cosmetics industries. Additionally, PEROMA Vietnam also offers product design services, processing, technical consultation, and technology transfer.

Through the above useful information, we have gained a better understanding of black tea extract powder and its amazing benefits. Don't forget to contact PEROMA Vietnam to acquire this quality and reputable product!

Contact their hotline and email for consultation and support:

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