At PEROMA, we believe that employees are the company’s most valuable asset. That is why we are committed to building a safe and healthy working environment where employees can grow and advance in their careers.


We believe that the success of the company relies not only on technology and products but also on the expertise and efforts of our employees. Therefore, we focus on ensuring the health, safety, and development of our employees in the workplace.


PEROMA believes that the company’s success is also dependent on the expertise and efforts of its employees. 


Our sustainable development policy for employees is guided by the following commitments:

  • Ensuring the health, safety, and development of employees in the workplace
  • Encouraging and respecting diversity in the workplace and opposing all forms of discrimination
  • Developing human resources through prioritizing training and strategic workforce management

At our company, we have a fair and diverse recruitment policy to attract talented individuals to join PEROMA Vietnam. This enables us to leverage the skills and talents of our employees within the company.

Furthermore, we consistently strive to create a positive work environment where all employees have opportunities for development and contribute to the company’s success. We take pride in being a vibrant and positive workplace, where employees enjoy their work and take pride in being part of the PEROMA Vietnam team.