Fruits are not only a valuable source of nutrients for human health but are also creatively applied in maintaining daily personal hygiene. With the increasing awareness of health protection and the rapid spread of infectious diseases, proper handwashing has become an essential part of daily routines. This has spurred the development and research of handwashing products, especially in the use of fruit scents in liquid hand soap and hand sanitizer gel.

Wash your hands with fruit
Wash your hands with fruit


Fruit scent not only brings a pleasant fragrance but is also the perfect combination of natural ingredients and modern production technology to create superior handwashing products that effectively eliminate bacteria and protect health.

Southern Vietnam is a tropical climate region where Mother Nature has bestowed the land with fruits that, once tasted, are unforgettable, such as strawberries, grapes, raspberries, and pomelos. These fruits are somewhat intertwined with the childhood memories of every Vietnamese. Regardless of where you go, the taste of these fruits is never mixed with other flavors. If perfume brings you a strong, captivating feeling, the Fruit Scent product line used in handwash or shampoo will give you a refreshing, invigorating sensation as if strolling through the fruit orchards of the Southern land.

Fruity flavor in hand gel
Fruity flavor in hand gel


Let us take you to explore the garden full of the flavors of our homeland:

Apple Scent (FR-10105): This knowledgeable fruit is marked by its alluring color and carries an unforgettable, intense aroma.

Raspberry Scent (FR-14569): Sweet with a hint of gentle tartness from the ripe golden berries, it emits a strong fragrance that captivates the senses, stimulating the taste and olfactory senses of anyone who visits the orchard of myriad scents.

Pomelo Scent (FR-13509): As autumn arrives, the ripe pomelos laden with branches sway in the wind, releasing a fragrant aroma that blends harmoniously with the earth and sky. The sweet, crisp taste of each pomelo segment allows anyone to savor the lingering taste of this tropical land.

Strawberry Scent (FR-16814): Sweet-smelling, lush red, and slightly tart. Strawberries have always been irresistible to anyone who accidentally finds themselves in this love garden.

Cucumber Scent (FR-16816): A crisp and fresh fruit, vibrant green with a pure and cool fragrance that dispels fatigue and helps you relax after a long, stressful day at work.

Cantaloupe Scent (FR-16813): While cucumber brings a fresh taste, cantaloupe blends the refreshing flavor with a sweet, melon-like taste, making them an excellent duo for the sunny summer.

Orange Scent (FR-16955): A perfect combination of the mildly spicy peel and the sweet and tangy flesh of the fruit, not only affecting the sense of smell but also stimulating the taste buds to create a refreshing and gentle experience for users.

Grape Scent (FR-16810): The symbol of abundance, like clusters of ripe purple grapes, isn’t this a gift that brings a sweet and warm taste to your family or loved ones?

With over 20 years of experience in the cosmetics manufacturing industry, along with a team of experienced staff and a modern production line, ensuring compliance with standards such as ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000, HALAL, KOSHER, PEROMA proudly stands as a reliable and high-quality fragrance provider. Furthermore, PEROMA also supplies various types of natural extracts, concentrated extracts, and natural essential oils, offering a diverse range of wholesale cosmetic fragrances to meet the needs of individual use or support business endeavors.

We hope that with the valuable information shared above, you now have a better understanding of fruit scents used in hand soap and hand sanitizer gel. Feel free to contact PEROMA to receive free samples and detailed consultations!

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