Fruit juice is an essential part of a healthy diet. They are rich sources of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Fruits can be eaten fresh, blended into smoothies, juiced, or used in desserts and other dishes. Fruit juice extraction is a way to utilize fruits and create a delicious and nutritious beverage. Let’s explore Fruit Concentrate Syrup with PEROMA in the following article!


Fruit juice is a type of beverage made from fresh or physically crushed fruit pulp. The fruit juice processing involves separating the pulp from the seeds and skins of the fruit, then crushing or pressing to extract the juice from the pulp. Subsequently, it is either frozen to produce fresh fruit juice or further concentrated to produce concentrated fruit juice. Additionally, sugar may be added to produce fruit syrup.

Fruit Concentrate Syrup
Fruit Concentrate Syrup

Fruit Concentrate Syrup is considered a great way to consume fruit and can provide a plethora of natural nutrients. It is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber from various fruits. Through the removal of fruit pulp and seeds, fruit concentrate syrup provides a large amount of liquid and antioxidants from different types of fruits.

Fruit Concentrate Syrup can be consumed as is or used as an ingredient for cocktails, smoothies, fruit milkshakes, juices, or even various ice creams and desserts.


Fruit Concentrate Syrup naturally has many applications in the food industry. Here are some common applications of Fruit Concentrate Syrup in the food industry:

Beverages: Fruit Concentrate Syrup is used to create beverages such as fruit juices, smoothies, cocktails, and natural fruit drinks. It can be consumed directly or used as an ingredient in other beverage products such as sodas, soft drinks, and fruit-flavored beverages.

Ice cream and sorbet: Fruit Concentrate Syrup can be used to create natural ice cream and sorbet. It provides natural flavors and colors to ice cream and sorbet products, making them more appealing and delicious.

Fruit milkshakes: Fruit Concentrate Syrup can be used to create natural fruit milkshakes. Fruit milkshakes are an excellent option for those who do not like dairy milk or are following a vegetarian diet. It can be used in products such as almond fruit milk, soy fruit milk, and chia seed fruit milk.

Fruit Concentrate Syrup has a wide variety of applications in food
Fruit Concentrate Syrup has a wide variety of applications in food

Preserves and sauces: Fruit Concentrate Syrup can also be used to create preserves and natural sauces. It can be used to make fruit preserves, fruit sauces, or sweet and sour sauces to add flavor and moisture to desserts, pastries, grills, or ice cream.

Cold-pressed juice products: Fruit Concentrate Syrup can be used to create cold-pressed juice products. It can be bottled or packaged into juice packs, providing a healthy and natural option for those who want to enjoy the taste of fruit without added preservatives or sugar.


PEROMA offers a diverse range of fruit juice products, catering to the needs of food and beverage production such as smoothies, ice cream, and seasoning sauces. With characteristic tropical fruits and herbs from Vietnam, along with a top priority for quality, PEROMA’s fruit juice products are meticulously sourced from clear origins, processed, and manufactured on modern production lines without the use of preservatives, thus retaining the purest natural flavors. Depending on the intended use, customers can incorporate fruit juice into manufacturing formulas at appropriate ratios.

Fruit Concentrate Syrup at PEROMA
Fruit Concentrate Syrup at PEROMA

PEROMA takes pride in over 20 years of experience with a highly skilled R&D team, advanced technology, leading market trends, and state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring production in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, HALAL, KOSHER standards. PEROMA is recognized as a reputable supplier of Fruit Concentrate Syrup and high-quality natural essential oils, extracts, concentrates, and food and cosmetic flavorings, offering a wide range of wholesale prices to meet the needs of businesses. Additionally, PEROMA also conducts research on customized formulas according to customer requirements.

Through the provided article, readers undoubtedly gain a better understanding of Fruit Concentrate Syrup, a product favored by many customers, and its diverse applications in food and beverages. Don’t forget to contact PEROMA to acquire the highest quality and most reputable Fruit Concentrate Syrup products!

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