Fragrance Micro-Encapsulation And Odor Neutralization Technology

Perfume Retention Technology (PEROCAPS):

  • PEROMA has widely incorporated Perfume Retention Technology and Perfume Retention Beads (PEROCAPS) into fabric care products. The Perfume Retention Technology is designed to enhance the fragrance longevity of fabric care products. With conventional fragrances, the top and middle notes tend to dissipate during the washing and drying processes, leaving only the base notes on the fabric. However, with PEROCAPS' Perfume Retention Technology and Perfume Retention Beads, you can enjoy the freshness of your favorite scent for an extended period after thorough washing. This technology optimizes the rinsing process, increasing fragrance retention and softness in fabric care products such as laundry detergent, fabric softener, and laundry powder. This means that regular fragrances won't evaporate during usage.

Anti-Odor Technology (ANTIMALODOUR):

  • Recently, our R&D team initiated a new project focused on combating food and waste odor using the ANTIMALODOUR anti-odor technology. Everyday life presents various odors, ranging from sweat on public transportation to cigarette smoke in living spaces. Currently, many products only address a few basic odors. However, our ANTIMALODOUR technology targets odor-causing chemicals and neutralizes them. This allows you to relish wonderful scents without worrying about pollution odors. With this advanced technology, you can eliminate bacteria, purify against mold, and resist food and waste odors. This ensures your clothes remain fresh and comfortable, even in challenging conditions.

PEROMA has successfully implemented perfume retention and odor-fighting technology in fabric care cosmetic fragrance products, earning positive reviews from major partners in the laundry and fabric care manufacturing industry. We continually research and adopt the latest technologies to enhance our products and meet customer needs. Contact PEROMA for more detailed information about our fragrance cosmetic set and the latest innovations.

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