Cleansing Products Fragrances

PEROMA has conducted research and developed a range of fragrances for cleaning products such as floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, dishwashing liquids, etc., enhancing the cleaning process to become more enjoyable and comfortable.

Current trends in the cleaning industry are emphasizing the use of natural and organic ingredients to create safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Cleansing Products Fragrances are becoming increasingly diverse to cater to each product line:

  • Natural scents (fruits, herbs, flowers, grasses)

  • Traditional scents (soap, fresh flowers, tea, spices)

  • Essential oil scents (lavender, peppermint, rose, eucalyptus)

  • Herbal scents (mint, green tea, lemongrass)

  • Culinary scents (bergamot orange, ripe fruits, vanilla, cocoa)

  • Distinct regional scents (cedar, lotus, grapefruit, mango, ocean)

  • Avant-garde and creative scents.

With our professional R&D team, PEROMA is confident in designing fragrances, simulating scents according to customer requirements to best meet the needs of various product types. Our fragrance products are made from safe ingredients for user health and are environmentally friendly, certified to international standards.

With high-quality and diverse fragrance products, PEROMA hopes to provide customers with the finest experience in cleaning, creating living and working spaces that are more pleasant and invitingly fragrant. Contact us today for more information about our products and services!

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