Beetroot contains numerous nutrients and beneficial compounds for human health. Additionally, red beetroot can also be used to create natural colorants in food. So, what other uses does red beetroot have? Let’s explore more about red beetroot and beetroot extract powder with PEROMA through the following article.


Beetroot, belonging to the root vegetable group, is scientifically known as Beta vulgaris and commonly referred to as “Beetroot” in English. It originates from the Mediterranean region but is currently predominantly cultivated in the United Kingdom, Central America, and North America. In Vietnam, beetroot is widely grown and concentrated in southern provinces, with Long An and Da Lat being the two areas with the largest cultivation areas.

Beetroot is a biennial herbaceous plant with an upright stem, which is lightly veined, sparsely branched, and about 40-50cm tall. Its leaves grow alternately, with oval-shaped blades and wavy margins. The roots swell into fleshy, spherical bulbs with a deep red color. Its light green flowers form long spikes, and the fruit, a capsule, develops near the flower base, with a thin or tough outer covering. The seeds are slightly elongated spheres.



In nature, beetroot exists in two forms: elongated and round; It also comes in two colors: dark purple or deep red, with a rough black skin. When cut crosswise, the beetroot reveals a flesh with various light-dark concentric circles. The color of beetroot is attributed to water-soluble pigments: betacyanin (red color) (75-95%) and betaxanthin (purple color) (5-25%) formed from plant properties. Additionally, beetroot contains numerous carotenoids, nitrates, flavonoids, vitamins, and a large amount of minerals such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, all of which have significant nutritional and health benefits (Panghal, Virkar, et al., 2017). The stems, leaves, and fresh beetroot are used as vegetables or in traditional medicine to support the treatment of hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

 Beetroot contains many nutrients that are beneficial to health
Beetroot contains many nutrients that are beneficial to health


Over the past decades, consumers have become increasingly concerned about safe and healthy food. Therefore, natural colorants are being sought after to replace artificial ones (Henry, 1996). Among the numerous natural sources of red betalain pigments, red beetroot is one of the richest plant sources of these compounds.

Some scientists have reported that betalains have anticancer, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Therefore, betalains and a diet rich in betalains could potentially be used to treat various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, asthma, cancer, arthritis, colitis, and diabetes.

The anticancer activity of red beetroot has also been studied and reported to yield promising results. When mice were fed with 0.0025% betanin before and 1 week after the detection of skin or liver tumors, a significant inhibition of tumor incidence and multiplicity was observed (Kapadia et al., 2003).

Beetroot containing betalains can eliminate Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and exhibit antioxidant activities (Vulic et al., 2013). The more hydroxyl and amino groups present in the structure of betalains, the better the antioxidant properties (Cai, Sun, & Corke, 2003) because the presence of catechol in the structure of betalains enhances antioxidant activity (GandíaHerrero, Escripano, & García-Carmona, 2009).

In another study, betalains protected against blood clotting by increasing endogenous glutathione in human red blood cells and reducing biological markers of oxidative stress such as lipid hydroperoxide (Tesoriere et al., 2004; Tesoriere et al., 2005). Additionally, betalains protected low-density lipoprotein (LDL) from oxidation by reacting with the polar part of LDL (Tesoriere et al., 2005). Furthermore, betalain in human lymphocytes treated with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) reduced DNA damage (Siriwardhana, Shahidi, & Jeon, 2006). Beetroot rich in betalains has the ability to counteract ionizing radiation from free radicals by improving the efficiency of mouse white blood cells and red blood cells (Lu, Wang, & Zhang, 2009).

Red beetroot is said to be able to effectively fight cancer cells
Red beetroot is said to be able to effectively fight cancer cells

Disorders in cerebral blood flow are primarily detected in individuals suffering from cognitive decline-related diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (Poels et al., 2008). Nitrate, which is metabolized and produces nitric oxide (NO) in beetroot, has the ability to improve circulatory issues (Clifford, Howatson, West, & Stevenson, 2015; Hobbs, Kaffa, George, Methven, & Lovegrove, 2012).


Recognizing the high values of beetroot and to meet market trends, PEROMA Vietnam has researched and introduced BEETROOT EXTRACT POWDER rich in betalains, used as a supplement in food product lines for natural color, flavor, and good betalain supplementation for health in products such as beverages, confectionery, dietary supplements, functional foods, etc.

Beetroot extract powder products at PEROMA
Beetroot extract powder products at PEROMA

Beetroot extract powder at PEROMA Vietnam is planned raw material area and produced by modern technology; loose fine powder, light red to crimson, rich in natural compounds betalains; The content used 1-3% has created a characteristic color and taste for the product.

PEROMA is proud to be a supplier of high quality beetroot extract powder
PEROMA is proud to be a supplier of high quality beetroot extract powder

PEROMA takes pride in over 20 years of expertise in R&D, rich experience, advanced technology, leading market trends, and modern equipment, automated production lines ensuring production according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, HALAL, KOSHER standards. PEROMA is considered a reputable and high-quality supplier of green tea powder, as well as offering a variety of natural essential oils, concentrated extracts, food flavors, and cosmetic fragrances at wholesale prices, meeting the needs of usage or business operations. Additionally, PEROMA also conducts research on formulas tailored to customers’ specific requirements.

Through the provided article above, readers surely have a clearer understanding of beetroot extract powder and its beneficial uses. Don’t forget to contact PEROMA to acquire the highest quality and most reputable beetroot extract powder products!

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