With the goal of “Creating a unique world of flavors from natural resources,” PEROMA Vietnam maximizes the power of nature by optimizing the use of primarily natural ingredients sourced from Vietnam. These ingredients are diverse and safe for health. PEROMA believes that natural flavors are an endless source of inspiration. Through innovation, PEROMA provides unique flavor solutions and stays ahead of market trends. With a commitment to high-quality and sustainable practices, PEROMA ensures maximum customer satisfaction and contributes to the protection and development of nature.


The mission of PEROMA Vietnam is to “serve the community by intelligently and environmentally friendly utilization of natural resources.” We harness resources from nature and apply intelligent production methods to create high-quality fragrance and cosmetic products. Additionally, we are committed to environmental protection and contribute to the sustainable development of the community. The mission of PEROMA is to provide customers with safe, effective, and environmentally friendly products while playing a positive role in society.