PEROMA Vietnam leaves a mark of natural, safe, and high-quality flavors in the global market. We constantly update new, unique, and impressive flavors, divided into three main categories to meet various needs.

Cosmetic Fragrances

  • Perfumery fragrances
  • Personal care fragrances: Skincare, haircare, oral care, makeup, baby care, etc.
  • Home care fragrances: Cleaning products, home care
  • Fabric care fragrances: Laundry detergents, encapsulation technology and odor neutralization
  • Fragrances for other industries
  • Pet care fragrances
  • Cosmetic extracts

Food flavors

  • Sweet flavors: Beverage flavors; Confectionery flavors; Tea and coffee flavors; Butter, cream, and dessert flavors.
  • Savory flavors: Meat and egg flavors; Seafood flavors; Herbal and spice flavors.
  • Seasoning flavors
  • Flavors for pet products.

Natural Products

  • Natural food extracts: Herbal extracts; Vegetable, root, and fruit extracts.
  • Natural cosmetic extracts.
  • Natural essential oils.
  • Powdered – Concentrated natural extracts: Vegetable, root, fruit, and herbal powders; Vegetable, root, fruit, and herbal concentrates.