Avocado is a familiar and highly nutritious fruit that is beneficial for health. Nowadays, avocados are widely used in the food and beverage industry with many great benefits. Let’s take a look at the uses and benefits of avocados and avocado powder with PEROMA.


Avocado is a tropical plant originating from Mexico and Central America, classified as a flowering plant, with two cotyledons, belonging to the Lauraceae family. Humans have been eating avocados since ancient times, evidenced by the discovery of water vessels shaped like avocados in the Chan Chan metropolitan area before the Inca era.

Avocado trees are about 20 meters tall, with overlapping leaves, each leaf measuring 12–25 cm long. The flowers are not clearly visible, green-yellow in color, each large flower measuring 5–10 mm in diameter. The fruit of the avocado tree resembles a water gourd, measuring 7–20 cm long and weighing 100g-1 kg. The skin is thin, slightly tough, dark green, and sometimes almost black when ripe. When ripe, the flesh inside is soft, pale yellow, resembling butter, with a mild sweet taste. The avocado seed is egg-shaped, 5 – 6 cm long, located in the center, dark brown in color, and very hard.

Avocado fruit
Avocado fruit


Lowering Blood Pressure and Stroke Prevention

Potassium is a nutrient essential for balancing the body’s water and electrolytes, helping to maintain the daily functioning of the cardiovascular system. Avocado contains a high amount of potassium, with 100g providing up to 14% of the daily requirement, much higher than bananas, oranges, etc. Consuming avocados helps supplement the necessary amount of potassium, which can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Good for Cardiovascular Health

The benefit of avocados when absorbed by the body is the enhancement of HDL cholesterol, a type of good cholesterol that has a positive effect on cardiovascular health. According to many studies, regularly consuming avocados helps provide beneficial monounsaturated oleic acid for the heart, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and treating conditions related to high cholesterol.

Beneficial for Digestive System

Avocado contains 7g of fiber per 100g, accounting for 27% of the body’s daily requirement. Fiber is known to nourish beneficial bacteria in the intestines, supporting better digestion and metabolism.

Pure avocados contain many valuable nutrients for human health
Pure avocados contain many valuable nutrients for human health

Combat Wrinkles

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) in avocados can delay signs of skin aging. EFAs are crucial for lipid tissue synthesis, inhibiting wrinkle formation. Studies have shown that consuming avocados can increase the overall collagen content in the skin. Additionally, avocado oil has been used to heal wounds and diminish wrinkles.

Support Eye Health

Avocados contain many antioxidants beneficial for the eyes. They are rich in carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are essential for eye health. Research suggests that avocados enhance the absorption of antioxidants from other foods, significantly reducing the risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration common in the elderly.


With its diverse nutritional content offering exceptional health benefits, alongside its direct cosmetic applications, PEROMA has researched and produced avocado extract powder. It is used as an ingredient in producing various products such as cakes, pastries, bread, beverages, smoothies, etc.

Avocado powder at PEROMA
Avocado powder at PEROMA

PEROMA takes pride in over 20 years of experience with a highly skilled R&D team, advanced technology, leading market trends, modern machinery, and automated production lines ensuring compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, HALAL, KOSHER standards. PEROMA is considered a reputable and high-quality supplier of Avocado powder, along with offering a variety of natural essential oils, fruit extract powders, food flavors, and cosmetic fragrances at wholesale prices, catering to the needs of individual consumers or businesses. Furthermore, PEROMA also conducts research on customized formulas according to the specific requirements of customers.

Through the provided article, readers have gained a clearer understanding of Avocado powder. Don’t forget to contact PEROMA to acquire the highest quality and reputable Avocado powder products!

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