With its lush green color and distinctive aroma, pandan leaves are widely used in Vietnamese cuisine to make cakes, cook sticky rice, or brew tea. However, not everyone is aware that this natural ingredient brings many health benefits. Nowadays, researchers have studied and processed pineapple leaves into powder form with various useful applications. Let’s explore more about pandan leaf and pandan extract powder in this article with Peroma.


Pandan, also known as screwpine or pandanus leaf (distinguished from betel, a plant with edible pseudo-fruits and numerous seeds) (scientific name: Pandanus amaryllifolius), is a perennial plant in tropical regions used as a spice in Southeast Asian cuisines such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The pandan leaf is long, narrow, and straight like a sword, clustered at the base like a fan. Pandan leaves are used in fresh or frozen form. Its distinctive aroma is attributed to the compound 2-Acetyl-1-pyrroline, which can be used to add fragrance to various types of rice and wheat in culinary applications.

Pandal leaf
Pandal leaf


The pandan leaf extract powder at PEROMA is produced using the cold extraction method, ranging from light green to dark green, with the characteristic flavor and aroma of pandan leaves, making it easy to dissolve with other ingredients.

Depending on the intended use, customers can dilute or blend the pandal leaf extract powder into formulations according to appropriate ratios. Typically, pandan leaf extract powder is used in beverage products such as soft drinks, fruit teas, instant teas, instant coffees, candies, and soluble jellies.

For Health

This is a rich source of carotenoids – a type of antioxidant known for its role in reducing the risk of developing atherosclerosis, narrowing arteries due to the accumulation of plaque.

Studies indicate that pandan leaves contain alkaloids and glycosides with notable effects in supporting the treatment of joint pain. It is particularly effective when combined with coconut oil in various massage oil products.

Anti-inflammatory and pain relief: Pandan leaf contain anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds, helping reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.

Enhancing the immune system: The antioxidants in pandan leaf may help strengthen the immune system, aiding the body in resisting illnesses.

Blood sugar control: Some studies suggest that pandan leaves may assist in controlling blood sugar levels, benefiting individuals with diabetes.

Pandan leaf extract powder has many useful uses for health
Pandan leaf extract powder has many useful uses for health

Anti-nausea and diarrhea: Pineapple leaves have the ability to soothe blood sugar and the digestive system, helping reduce symptoms of nausea and diarrhea.

Dental care: Chewing pineapple leaves can help clean teeth and gums, preventing the formation of plaque and bacteria.

For beauty

Weight loss: Pineapple leaves are often used in diet plans as they stimulate the digestive process, reduce hunger, and provide energy.

Skin care: Gel from pineapple leaves is commonly used to soothe and moisturize the skin. It can help alleviate pain and redness for those with sensitive skin.

PEROMA takes pride in over 20 years with an experienced staff and a modern production line, ensuring ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, HALAL,… PEROMA is considered a reliable and quality supplier of pandan extract powder. Additionally, PEROMA provides various natural essential oils, extract powders, and food and cosmetic flavorings at wholesale prices to meet your business needs.

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