Nowadays, the development of science and technology, detergent products are increased diverse and has many advantages consistent with consumer demand. Not only gives the house clean but also save the balmy fragrance, mental clarity, warmth after using.


I. The essential function of detergent:

- Concentration.

- Cleaning of dirt, grease even on plastic utensils.

- Shiny surfaces are cleaned.

- Protects hand, does not cause skin corrosion, non-abrasive surface objects.


II. These new functions:

- Deodorizing fishy Odor

- Anti-bacterial

- Create a pleasant fragrance as refreshing spirit to the user.


III. The fragrance for detergent comprising the following categories


1. Fresh Lemon Fragrance: Create a fresh, natural, bring sprightly.

                                    LEMON FRAGRANCE FR-06075C.

                                    LEMON FRAGRANCE FR-09680


2. Salt Lemon Fragrance: Natural flavor of salt lemon, digestive stimulates, spiritual comfort.

                                    SALTED LEMON FRAGRANCE FR-13534


3. Lemon orange: Blending between each sweetness clove of orange and fresh lemon sour bring pleasure to your home space.

                                    ORANGE LEMON FRAGRANCE FR – 13552


4. Orange oil:  Content of high oil extracted from the succulent oranges, reduces stress and fatigue.

                                    ORANGE OIL SD – 13561


5. Lemon Ginger: Fresh and warm of lemon ginger stimulates the nerve cells to help inspire optimist.

                                    LEMON GINGER FRAGRANCE FR – 13570


6. Cinnamon Lemon: Lemon scent of cinnamon enhances cognitive abilities, concentration.

                                    CINNAMON LEMON FRAGRANCE FR - 13597


7. Lemon Green Tea: Cool scent helps you relax.

                                    GREEN TEA LEMON FRAGRANCE FR - 13588.


8. Green Tea: Gental fragrance of tea leaves and flowers helps the mind to relax, stimulating effect on blood circulation.

                                    GREEN TEA FRAGRANCE FR - 13389


9. Floral Chrysanthemum: Mild fragrance created optimism, happy spirit. In addition, they banish insects, cockroaches ...

                                    CHRYSANTHEMUM FRAGRANCE FR - 13553

                                    CHRYSANTHEMUM TEA FRAGRANCE FR -13536

                                    CHRYSANTHEMUM LEMON FRAGRANCE FR -13543


10. Lemon Citronella Fragrance: Feel focused, excited, calm. Banish insects, cockroaches ...

                                    CITRO LEMON FRAGRANCE FR -13508



11. Grapefruit Fragrance: Sympathetic nerve stimulation, increases the body's metabolism.

                                    GRAPE FRUIT FRAGRANCE FR – 13509


12. Lemon Mint Fragrance: Bactericidal, pure environment, mental clarity, renewable energy for a working day.

                                    LEMON MINT FRAGRANCE FR - 13 555


13. Jasmine Fragrance: Pure scent of jasmine create a sense of peace, bring your house a fresh, clean, comfortable ...

                                    JASMINE FRAGRANCE FR-09105


14. Ly ly flower: Lightly scented, reduce stress, sweet scented, air purifying, deodorizing, cheery ...

                                    LYLY FLOWER FRAGRANCE FR-5930

                                    LYLY FLOWER FRAGRANCE FR-13606


15. Rose fragrance: Sweet aroma, charm reduce stress, fight depression, helps to balance the body. Not only that, it also stimulates nerves, making us feeling fresh and comfortable.

                                    FRAGRANCE ROSE FR -11113

                                    WHITE ROSE FRAGRANCE FR-07404


- All products are available.

- Packaging: 25kg/plastics custom drum or drum 25kg/iron items.


Thank you have been using Thai Hoa’s products. We hope the cooperation always sustainable and growing well.